The Serum from Le Domaine is made of science and terroir.
It contains a very high concentration of GSM10® and ProGR3®, two exclusive patented active compounds* that slow down the signs of skin aging. It is also formulated with hydrating and soothing grape water. It is enriched with two vine flower sister cells, with complexion perfecting and skin beautifying effectiveness. It contains hyaluronic acids with wrinkle-smoothing and moisturising effects. Its ultra-silky texture is well absorbed and leaves the skin intensely plumped up. From the first use, the serum gives the skin a boost effect, the skin is unified, the skin texture refined.After  28 days of use, it has an anti-wrinkle and a global anti-aging effect: revitalized and protected, the skin is smoother, firmer and more beautiful, it regains its radiance and looks visibly younger. 

  • The Serum

    Comes with a beautiful reusable oak tree cap that also serves as a support for the product and in a luxurious giftbox. It is the perfect gift for her or for him.

  • The Serum - Travel

    Is the same product with maximum efficiency for your skin and minimum packaging for the planet. It can also be used as a replenishment for the oak cap/support.

  • The Serum

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    The Serum - Le Domaine Skincare | Science & Terroir
  • The Serum - Travel

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    The Serum - Travel - Le Domaine Skincare | Science & Terroir
  • *patents pending