Our formulas are crafted with care,
using a minimum of 96% natural ingredients
and adhering to vegan principles

a combination of exclusive active ingredients GSM10® and ProGR3®

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TERROIR science


Natural origin

GSM10 ®

“Brad Pitt: an anti-aging skincare line with enticing promises.”

Robb Report Grooming Awards naming Le Domaine as "The Best New Luxury Brand of 2023"

“Best Wrinkle Creams Of 2023”

“More than cosmetics, Le Domaine advocates for well-being. Its founders' goal: to unite Science & Terroir.”

“The R&D behind this antiaging lotion is one of the strongest we’ve seen in the past five years.”

"LE DOMAINE,..,has amassed an impressive collection of accolades."

"The eternal youth of Brad Pitt — how does he do it?"

“By combining science and terroir, Le Domaine is committed to naturalness without compromising on efficiency.”

“Le Domaine is not meant to be a celebrity brand. It is an anti-aging range for every man & woman.”

"A combination of three natural molecules present in plant extracts, vine sarments, chamomile and green tea, ProGR3 has scientifically demonstrated its efficacy on the toxicity of progerin, the marker protein of aging, according to the company."

“A line of cosmetic products based on the natural antioxidant power of surplus grapes from its vineyard.”

“Authentic, high quality, local products packaged in jars and bottles in jars and bottles cast in glass of the highest quality.”

“A highly recommended collection tested by our own Beauty Editor!”

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