Is a serum essential?


Published on August 22, 2023, by Astrid

Reading time : 3 minutes

When it comes to creating a skin care routine, we're big believers in simplicity. Handpicked cosmetics will do more for skin radiance than a complicated beauty ritual is difficult to follow. So where does the serum fit into this routine? Is it indispensable? A concentrate of active ingredients, a serum acts as a targeted treatment for the skin. It all depends on skin type and, above all, skin condition.


The serum, a cosmetic product in a class of its own

At the risk of destroying the suspense a little, the serum is not an indispensable skincare product, unlike the moisturizing cream. Rather, it should be seen as a targeted treatment, a complement to skincare creams.

But just because it's not indispensable doesn't mean it's useless - quite the contrary. Its ultra-concentrated composition offers unique benefits not always obtained with other cosmetic products.

On the one hand, this is due to its ultra-light texture. Its ultra-fine molecules effectively penetrate the dermis, enabling it to reach the deepest layers. Secondly, serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than skincare creams, enabling targeted, rapidly visible results.

By using a serum under a moisturizer, we can deliver a concentrate of ingredients chosen to meet a precise need. The key, however, is to correctly identify the problem.

Know your skin type and condition

Before deciding whether or not to incorporate a serum into your routine, it's crucial to know your skin type and its current condition.

Your skin type is the element that will determine the choice of your entire routine. Indeed, you won't opt for the same products (cleanser, moisturizer, etc.) if your skin is oily, combination or dry. On the other hand, a serum's targeted nature means it can meet the more specific needs created by your skin's condition (dehydration, sensitivity, aging skin, etc.).

An anti-wrinkle serum may be beneficial for some, while a brightening serum may be preferable for others. So, by knowing your skin's specific needs, you can determine whether to include a serum in your routine, and which one to choose.

Active ingredients for targeted action

Once you've identified the problem, it's time to choose the serum whose ingredients are most likely to deliver visible results. Here are examples of the most common serums, to be used as a cure or on a more permanent basis.

Intense hydration
A serum can provide intense hydration thanks to active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, aloe vera, vegetable oils, provitamin B5, shea butter...

Antioxidants and protection
The skin can be protected against damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggression. Active ingredients include grape-seed extract, resveratrol, niacinamide, retinol (vitamin A) and green tea.

Reducing signs of aging
Some serums are formulated to target the signs of cutaneous aging: loss of hydration or radiance, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness... Cutaneous aging differs somewhat from other skin conditions in that it takes longer to set in. Here, a serum can be a permanent addition to your skincare routine. With its high concentration of active ingredients, Le Sérum by Le Domaine will provide an immediate boost, while reducing the visible signs of aging over the long term.

Skin radiance
Vitamin C, AHA, vitamin B3, licorice extract, vitamin E, fruit extracts and enzymes can help restore radiance to a tired complexion.

Reducing imperfections
Some serums are formulated to improve the appearance of oily problem skin by reducing blemishes, diminishing shine and tightening skin texture. They may call on ingredients such as BHA, AHA, vitamin B3, sulfur, tea tree extract, zinc, clay or licorice extract.

So, is a serum an essential part of your skin care routine? The answer lies in the condition of your skin and your objectives. If you're looking for targeted results, a serum has its place in your beauty routine. By choosing the right ingredients and incorporating them judiciously into your routine, you can achieve visible results quickly. Healthy, glowing skin, reduced wrinkles or plump, hydrated skin? The choice is yours.