Le Domaine Skincare reviewed by Kayla Greaves -Executive Beauty Editor- Instyle

Christelle Clarac Boutot @ 2022-09-24 21:53:43 +0200

On September 13th, we received 16 beauty journalists in Provence in order to introduce them to Le Domaine. We spent the day together and of course they left with Le Domaine skincare range in order for them to test the products. The first comments are here.
In Instyle, Kayla Greaves writes:

The Cleansing Emulsion offers a light lather and removes makeup very efficiently. It's also quite nourishing and doesn't dry out my skin like many cleansers do. My skin feels renewed and refreshed after use, without the tight, squeaky clean feeling I despise.

The Cream gives my skin a boost of moisture, as it features organic Miraval olive oil and shea butter. However the whipped formula isn't heavy, so my skin is adequately quenched without feeling like it's suffocating. The Fluid Cream mimics the same formula, with a touch of niacinamide, but offers a lighter finish.

The Serum, which contains a 50% higher concentrate of GSM10® and ProGR3® than The Cream, is lightweight, easily absorbs into skin, and doesn't pill when layered with other products.

Thank you Kayla. The Instyle article is great and very detailed. It is available here.